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Need to add some excitement to your lessons in the classroom or online?

Happy Everyday English has you covered with fun no prep games and a whole lot more!

No Prep ESL Lessons, Games, and Other Software

Lots of exciting ESL games for you to play and practice ANY content you are teaching.

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Download free ESL lesson software that's packed full of content, games, and practice activities.

Download these free class tools built for the interactive whiteboard.

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What's New?

Here's what's new and fresh from Happy Everyday English.

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The arcade classic Whack-A-Mole is now an ESL classroom game!  This game features several game modes including free play, team vs, class and memory.  Free download.


This is a fun no prep Father's Day lesson that centers around what we do on this holiday as well as what fathers do for us.

dragon egg hatchers reading game 1.png

Dragon Egg Hatchers is a reading game that you can use to practice any kind of vocabulary as well as phonics and sight words.

Guess the Picture Line by Line

Check out the first video in my new series, Guess the Pictures Line by Line.  Students watch and try to guess the clothing related item as it's being created on screen.  Instructions in the video.

The video is on Youtube and you can check it out here.  Don't forget to subscribe on Youtube for more like this!

Fun and Exciting No Prep Teaching Games for Any Subject

The games that I develop allow teachers to easily add excitement to their lessons while students practice any content.

Use these games to review and practice grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking and even phonics.  The content is up to you!

These class games are easy to use and can be played without any preparation.  They don't need to be installed and don't require an internet connection to use. You can simply start the game and follow the on screen instructions to play.


Games themselves have no content and you can use them over and over when teaching different topics.

If you want more control, you can also add your own questions, keywords, and even use your own pictures to play. 

These fun games can be played in a real classroom or when teaching online.

Teachers Love Happy Everyday English Games!

ESL Teacher (Macau)

Excellent game to play with ESL students! The bright and colourful characters have students interested from the get go!

ESL Teacher (China)

Wow!  Your game was amazing.  My students loved it soo much they did not want me to end class.

ESL Teacher (USA)

"These games have been a fundamental tool in many of my ESL lessons for all levels. (..) I can't recommend them highly enough"

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Practice and Review Any Content with Four Question Prompts

Each game includes four different question prompts.

Prompt 1: No prompt: Simply ask a question to your students without the use of a prompt.  You don't need to prepare anything ahead of time when playing with this prompt.

Prompt 2: Questions Display: You can prepare text questions ahead of time and use this prompt to display them when you play.  The answer and question will be displayed.  You can prepare more than 30 different questions ahead of time simply by editing a text file.

Prompt 3: Picture Prompt: Display pictures related to your content and ask questions based on them. 

Prompt 4: Keywords: Display up to 16 different keywords related to your content at a time.  Ask any question you'd like using the keywords displayed.

When playing, you can
FREELY SWITCH BETWEEN PROMPTS AT WILL and use a variety of question types in a single game.  The teacher is always in control when playing games from Happy Everyday English.

Free ESL No Prep
Game Download!
Get the Bananas!

Curious about the games I make but not sure where to start?  Download Get the Bananas  now for free! 

Get the Bananas is a fun game for 2-6 teams that tasks students with helping their team's monkey climb a tree in order to get the bananas at the top.  After answering a question, students stop the spinner and their monkey climbs up the tree...or they may be able to drop a coconut on another team's monkey!


Why I Develop These Games

When I started teaching more than a dozen years ago, I found most interactive white board games and software to be lacking, limited, or too cost prohibitive for a new teacher like me to afford.

It was then that I set out to develop high quality interactive no prep ESL games that teachers under any budget could afford.

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I had a few goals that I set out to reach when developing these games.  Thus, all games that I develop:

  • no preparation time required

  • are easy to use, fun, and interesting

  • are usable with any topic and content

  • give complete control to the teachers

  • infinitely reusable

  • are more powerful than PPT or Notebook made games and software

  • require no installation to use

  • require no internet connection to use

  • are inspired by the sort of things that children love

What You Can Find Here Happy Everyday English

Not only do I develop cool games for your lessons, I also develop high quality (and FREE) interactive lessons and tools.  Check out the different kinds of materials I make below.

ESL Games

Interactive Lessons

Interactive Class Tools

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Add excitement to your ESL lessons with fun and interesting Classroom and Online Games for all ages.  You can use these games to practice any and all content that you are teaching.  They are great for reviewing any material, from grammar to phonics to sentence structures.  These games work on windows computers and don't need to be installed to use. 

lessons preview.png

The Interactive Lessons are geared towards beginners and kindergarten to elementary school students.  Each lesson contains nearly two dozen interactive activities and games to use to motivate your learners and get them speaking.

The flow of the lesson is up to you and you can use any of the content that you'd like.

tools preview.png

Here you can also download many different Kinds of Class Tools for your computer based lessons, whether they are online or in the classroom.  You can download a digital timer, a randomized student selector, and more.  Here you can also find some smaller board games like interactive and customizable spinners and even a hangman type game with a snowman.

Game Highlight
Dragon Egg Hatchers

This is a brief introduction look at the game Dragon Egg Hatchers and how you can use it to practice all sorts of vocabulary, sight words and phonics.

Popular Games with Teachers and Students

Outside of the Mega Bundle 1 and the Mega Bundle 2, here are some of the most popular individual games among teachers and students.

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