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Need to add some excitement to your lessons in the classroom or online?

Happy Everyday English has you covered with fun games and a whole lot more!

Fun and Exciting Teaching
Games for Any Subject

ESL games from Happy Everyday English allow teachers to easily add excitement to their lessons while students practice any content.

Use these games to practice grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking and even phonics.  The content is up to you!

Teachers can use their own questions, pictures, and keywords when playing.

Happy Everyday English games are easy to use and can be downloaded and used without an internet connection.

Games can be played in a real classroom or when teaching online.

The teacher is always in control - games move at your pace and not the other way around.

Teachers Love Happy Everyday English Games!

ESL Teacher (Macau)

Excellent game to play with ESL students! The bright and colourful characters have students interested from the get go!

ESL Teacher (China)

Wow!  Your game was amazing.  My students loved it soo much they did not want me to end class.

ESL Teacher (USA)

"These games have been a fundamental tool in many of my ESL lessons for all levels. (..) I can't recommend them highly enough"

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Choose Between Four Question Prompts

Each game includes four different prompts for teachers to use when asking questions.

Prompt 1: No prompt: Simply ask a question to your students without the use of a prompt.  You don't need to prepare anything ahead of time when playing with this prompt.

Prompt 2: Questions Display: You can prepare text questions ahead of time and use this prompt to display them when you play.  The answer and question will be displayed.  You can prepare more than 30 different questions ahead of time simply by editing a text file.

Prompt 3: Picture Prompt: Display pictures related to your content and ask questions based on them. 

Prompt 4: Keywords: Display up to 16 different keywords related to your content at a time.  Ask any question you'd like using the keywords displayed.

When playing, you can
FREELY SWITCH BETWEEN PROMPTS AT WILL and use a variety of question types in a single game.  The teacher is always in control when playing games from Happy Everyday English.

Free Game Download!
Get the Bananas!

Curious about the games I make but not sure where to start?  Download Get the Bananas  now for free! 

Get the Bananas is a fun game for 2-6 teams that tasks students with helping their team's monkey climb a tree in order to get the bananas at the top.  After answering a question, students stop the spinner and their monkey climbs up the tree...or they may be able to drop a coconut on another team's monkey!


Why I Developed These Games

When I started teaching more than a dozen years ago, I found most interactive white board games and software to be lacking, limited, or too cost prohibitive for a new teacher like me to afford.

It was then that I set out to develop high quality interactive ESL games that teachers under any budget could afford.

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I had a few goals that I set out to reach when developing these games.  Thus, all games that I develop:
  • are easy to use, fun, and interesting
  • are usable with any topic and content
  • give complete control to the teachers
  • infinitely reusable
  • are more powerful than PPT or Notebook made games and software
  • require no installation to use
  • require no internet connection to use
  • are inspired by the sort of things that children love
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Try Before
You Buy!

You can download free demos for every HEE game. These demos are the full games but they fade out after a few minutes and become unplayable.  You can see how a particular game plays and gauge whether or not it will be useful for you and your students.  Download here.

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Happy Everyday English is MORE Than Just Games!

Not only do I develop cool games for your lessons, I also develop high quality (and FREE) interactive lessons and tools.  Check out the different kinds of materials I make below.

ESL Games

Interactive Lessons

Interactive Class Tools

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Add excitement to your ESL lessons with fun and interesting Classroom and Online Games for all ages.  You can use these games to practice any and all content that you are teaching.  They are great for reviewing any material, from grammar to phonics to sentence structures.  These games work on windows computers and don't need to be installed to use. 

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The Interactive Lessons are geared towards beginners and kindergarten to elementary school students.  Each lesson contains nearly two dozen interactive activities and games to use to motivate your learners and get them speaking.

The flow of the lesson is up to you and you can use any of the content that you'd like.

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Here you can also download many different Kinds of Class Tools for your computer based lessons, whether they are online or in the classroom.  You can download a digital timer, a randomized student selector, and more.  Here you can also find some smaller board games like interactive and customizable spinners and even a hangman type game with a snowman.

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Game Highlight
Castle Wreckers

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Popular Games with Teachers and Students

I develop, design, and code Happy Everyday English games completely from the ground up!  These games can be used with any questions, topics, pictures, and keywords.  The results are based on student performance and skill with quite a bit of randomness involved.  This ensures that each play is unique and different.  Results are never scripted so the games are always fresh and exciting.  Most games cost about as much as a cup of coffee and you can try them out for free by downloading the demo.  Try before you buy by downloading this demo pack.  Enjoy!


Castle Wreckers is an exciting game

that helps your students practice vocabulary and any target language you want them to practice.  Students answer questions or identify pictures and make sentences and then they fire a cannon to destroy a castle!  This game is playable as a full class or using two teams.



Go Go Go is an interactive board race suitable for any topic and subject. Students compete to answer the teacher's questions. The fastest team can stop the dice and advance their token toward the goal. The first team to reach the finish line wins!



In Pearl Finder students must find the magic pearls to power their submarine so that they can return to the surface of the ocean. If you're familiar with the classic clam shell/cup game, you know how this works. Keep your eye on the prize! Don't lose site of the pearl. Can be played as an entire class or with teams.




Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game known all over the world.  Two to four teams compete to reach the end of the board.  They must avoid snakes that want to eat them all the while trying to climb ladders that lead to higher spaces on the game board.  The first team that reaches the end wins!



Spin That Wheel is an interactive classroom game based on several famous game shows. Teams compete to earn the most money in three rounds by answering questions and spinning the wheel. The third round consists of each team answering a final question to the best of their ability in order to earn a great score multiplier. Don't forget to cross your fingers for good luck when you SPIN THAT WHEEL!



Monster Attack is a game built around destruction!  A monster is attacking a beautiful city and depending on the game mode, students help the monster or need to blast it away and defeat it.  In this game, teams can compete to answer questions or correctly identify categories to play.  They may also work together to answer as many questions as fast as possible before the monster destroys the city.  It's crazy fun!



Roly Poly Bowly is a fast paced, frenetic game that tasks your students with helping a roly poly gather fruit.  They do so by helping it bounce.  They tap the screen to help it bounce higher.  If they make it bounce too disappears!  Be careful.  In this game, students can compete or work together while playing. 



Fighter's King is an exciting and intense interactive game suitable for subject or topic! Teams choose one of seven fun characters to represent them in the game. Once chosen, teams compete to be the first to answer your questions. Doing so will allow them to stop the dice and deal damage to the opposing team's hit points. The first team to reduce the other team's HP to zero, wins!


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The Mega ESL Game Bundle contains eight popular ESL games from Happy Everyday English at a discount! 


The included teaching games are:

  • Roly Poly Bowly

  • Fighter’s King

  • Castle Wreckers

  • Pearl Finder

  • Spin that Wheel

  • Monster Attack!

  • Go! Go! Go!

  • Snakes and Ladders


$24.99 (save $7.00!)