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Introducing the ESL Arcade

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What is the ESL Arcade?

The ESL Arcade is a subscription-based ESL service that allows its members to play a growing collection of games on an internet connected device.  These interactive games can be played on Windows, iOS, and Android devices including computers, tablets, and phones.  Check it out on Patreon here.

Games Games Games

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ESL Arcade games are similar to the other games found on this site.  They are interesting, fun and will delight students of all ages.  You can play each game with any content you'd like.  Ask any question and even use your own pictures.  Additionally, a new game is added to the arcade each month.

How to Access the ESL Arcade

The ESL Arcade games can be accessed by becoming a Teacher level member on my Patreon page.  Once you become a member, you can find the links to the different games on the patreon.  You can bookmark these on the computer you teach with and load what you want to play during or before class.

If you are in China, Patreon does require a VPN to access BUT the games themselves do not.  So, you can bookmark them in your classroom computer and open them during class.

There are other bonuses for joining the Patreon as well.  You will get shout outs in future content, sneak peaks to upcoming games, earlier downloads and more.


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The ESL Arcade requires the Teacher level membership on my Patreon page.  This level of membership costs $5 (USD) a month.  This fee is a recurring fee that you can cancel at any time.  It includes other advantages, too.  You can check out the Patreon page here.

Getting Started

Here's how to start playing the ESL Arcade:

1. Visit my Patreon page here.  Sign up for Patreon if you are not a member.

2. Choose the Teacher level tier of membership.

3. Find the latest ESL Arcade post (stickied to the top of the posts).

4. Copy the Arcade link to your classroom's computer and bookmark it in that browser. 

Have any questions?  Click on the Let's Chat! button on the bottom corner of this page and ask away.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Games currently available in the ESL Arcade.

The following games are available in the ESL arcade.  A new one is to be added each month.

Picture Games

Use four, six, or eight of your own  pictures to play 15 different flashcard games.  These kind of games are the backbone to practicing and reviewing vocabulary words.

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Rude Blocks

Students answer questions and fire a fish out of its fishbowl into the titular rude blocks.  For each block destroyed, the students earn points.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

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Color Collect

In Color Collect, students quickly assess the game screen and try to collect the most like minded colored blobs.  First they answer questions and then the game creates more colorful blobs.  The current team chooses a color and then all of the blobs of that color disappear and that amount is added to their score.  Blobs build up and build up as the game goes on.  This game rewards quick thinking and has a luck factor built in as well.

Color Collect 5.png


In this game, students drop a puck down the plinkotto board to earn points.  The puck bounces around and hits bumpers, granting points and destroying them.  Depending on the placement and the luck, the puck will ultimately land in a bottom slots, potentially landing a large amount of points.

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plinkotto 5.png
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