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ESL Day, Date, Month, and Weather Display Software Download

Happy Everyday English About Today Software

Class Time Bomb for Students and Teachers

This software is a simple alternative to the traditional classroom decorations that display the day, date, month, and weather.  You can use this software as a warm up activity to help you reinforce those topics with your students.  Use this if your students can read.

You may also wish to use this after teaching my English weather lesson available on this site, but you can pair it with any curriculum that covers this content. 

This file is its own software and doesn't need to be installed and doesn't need other software such as Powerpoint or Smart Notebook to use.



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How to Use the ESL Day, Date, Month, and Weather Software

Like the rest of my ESL class software, this class tool is easy to use but effective!  Let's jump right into how to use this little software.

  1. To start it up, double click the application (exe) file. 

  2. Once loaded, you'll see the app in all its glory.  It has four segments that are clearly marked.

  3. The four segments are Day, Month, Date, and Weather.

  4. To change the keywords in the different segments, click on the > and < buttons.  Doing so will advance the information shown.

  • Day: This will change the current day.  If you reach Sunday and advance forward, it goes back to Monday.  If you're at Monday and press the < button it will go back to Sunday.

  • Month: The same is true with the month section.  January < December.  December > January.

  • Date: This can display 1-31. 

  • Weather: The weather that can be displayed here: sunny, rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy, and stormy.

  • Temperature: The temperature can display: hot, cold, cool, and warm.

Using this software in your ESL class

  • When I use this software in class, I ask my students questions to gain the information I need.

    • What day is it, today?

    • What month is it, now?

    • What is the date, today?

    • How is the weather, today?

    • How does it feel, today?

  • As you get the information from the students adjust the information displayed using the > and < buttons. 

  • Have all students read the information together when the correct day, month, date, and weather have been displayed.

  • After you have used this a few times throughout several different lessons, if your ESL students are capable, you can have them change this themselves.  Instruct them to make the information shown represent information about today.  When they are finished, have them tell you the information.  (Encourage them to use English as much as possible when adjusting the information).  If your students can't reach the tops of your interactive whiteboard, you can press the out of reach buttons for them.

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