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About Happy Everyday English

Hi and welcome to Happy Everyday English! I’m Richard, AKA Griffy, and I’m the creator, artist, programmer, designer….well, I’ll just say that I do everything around here!

In late 2009, I moved to China and began my career as an English teacher. I loved it!

But all was not well. I found the provided teaching materials at my school a little lacking. I searched all over the web. Everything I found was either too boring, too expensive, or just didn’t fit my needs. That’s when I started creating my own materials. Things were modest at first, but I was ambitious! My dream was to create an affordable, fun, and flexible alternative to the software that was currently out on the market.

With Happy Everyday English, I’m confident that I have accomplished this dream.

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Check out my video introduction for Happy Everyday English!

About Me

Name: Richard G. aka Griffy

Age: 33

From: Paducah, Kentucky, USA

Blood Type: O

Likes: video games, pancakes, coffee, drawing, giant robots.

Dislikes: waking up early, spicy foods

Favorite Qoute: “Boredom is for those with no imagination.” - Prince XIzor (Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire)

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