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Space Themed Class Timer for the Interactive Whiteboard Download

Happy Everyday English Space Themed Timer Download

Space Themed Class Timer for Teachers

This is a sci-fi and space themed timer that you can use in your ESL class.  It's colorful, cute, and animated!  Best of all, it's easy to use with the interactive whiteboard in your classroom.

To use this timer, simply load it up and use the arrows to set the time.  Then press the start button.  The timer will start to countdown.  When the timer reaches zero, it will make an alarm type sound and an animation will play out.

I love using timers in my classes for various reasons and during different situations.  Check below for tips on using this timer in your class.



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How and When to Use Timers in Your ESL Class

Why and why you should use a timer in your class.

  • Keep students focused: During various times for group work or individual study activities that are not teacher lead, some students may have difficulty staying on track.  Displaying a timer that is easy to see on your interactive whiteboard can help keep students on track.

  • Classroom  management: The time we have in our lessons is limited so it's important to make good use of the time we do have.  Throughout a class, there will be various tasks that students might take their time to do unless given a set amount of time to do it.  Having a timer displayed will encourage students to work faster.  Some situations that come to mind are: 

    • Getting ready for class

    • Completing a worksheet

    • Completing a group activity

    • Cleaning the tables/floor after a craft activity

    • Having a break

  • Set a limit to your class games: Heck, we all love a good class game but generally, that's not the purpose of the class.  The purpose of the class is to teach students the day's content.  Often we can get a bit carried away when playing games and time sure does fly by!  Before playing a game, set the timer with the intended play time.  This ensures time isn't wasted in class.

  • Break time: Students aren't robots and they need breaks, too.  It can be beneficial to students to have a short break in the middle of the class.  When I have a break in my class, I often use a timer like this and give students clear instructions on when class will resume.  "Now, we'll have a three minute break.  We can go to the restroom and talk quietly for three minutes."

These are just a few ways that using a class timer can be beneficial.  I'm positive that you will find even more uses in your class!

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space timer0003.png

The student selector tool can help choose random students when doing any class activity...including these games!  Check them out and enjoy!


Zombies continuously march upon the class in Zombie Swarm.  They don't stop until your students win!


In Castle Wreckers 2 teams of students fire cannons to destroy castles.  Also includes a full class mode.


Students help a roly poly bug bounce around and collect fruit in a 2-4 team game or a full class mode.  Fun game made specially for interactive whiteboards.

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