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In this video, I show you how you can play all of the no prep English games that I develop.  The games are super easy to play, loads of fun, and get students excited to practice English.

My games work great on interactive whiteboards and smart boards and play like more advanced PPT games.  They even work great when teaching online!

How to Play ALL
No Prep HEE Games

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Happy Everyday English ESL board games can be played without any prior preparation.  Simply follow the on screen instructions and ask a question when prompted.  Any question! 

No Prep Needed

Your Content

These ESL games can be used to help your students practice content from any topic or subject.  You can use your own questions and pictures when playing.  Adding the questions and answers to these teaching games simply requires editing an included text file.  The games are excellent for reviewing any teaching content as well.

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Easy to Play

Each game is easy to use, animated, and automated.  Simply follow the onscreen instructions and enjoy!

My class games play like more advanced PPT games and work great with your class's interactive whiteboard or smart board.


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Customize to Fit Your Needs

Each game has customizable options that you can select to fit the needs of your specific classes.  Some options that can be changed include length of game, number of teams, game difficulty, versus or cooperation, and more!  Check the notes of an individual ESL game for more information on these options.


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Free Game Download!
Get the Bananas!

  Curious about the games I make but not sure where to start?  Download Get the Bananas  now for free! 


  In this game, 2-6 teams/students answer your questions

in order to help their monkey climb their tree to do as the title says...get the bananas!

This game is great for reviewing and practicing any content and works for your IWB in the classroom or online.

Happy Everyday English Game Shop


Castle Wreckers is an interactive whiteboard game built for the classroom that sees your students firing cannons in order to wreck some castles!  Students answer your questions and practice your lesson's content in two exciting modes: versus and class cooperation mode. 


Also included in the Mega Bundle 1.



Roly Poly Bowly is a fast paced, frenetic game that tasks your students with helping a roly poly (a pillbug) with gathering fruit.  They do so by helping him bounce.  They tap the screen to help him bounce higher.  If they make him bounce too high...he disappears!  Be careful.

Also included in the Mega Bundle 1.



Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game known all over the world. Teams compete to reach the end of the board while attempting to avoid snakes that want to eat them and trying to climb ladders that lead to higher grounds.  The first team that reaches the end wins!

Also included in the Mega Bundle 1.



In Pearl Finder, students must find the magic pearls to power their submarine so that they can return to the surface of the ocean. If you're familiar with the classic clamshell/cup game, you know how this works. Keep your eye on the prize! Don't lose site of the pearl. Can be played as an entire class or with teams.

Also included in the Mega Bundle 1.


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Save $7 on eight games with the Mega Bundle 1.


This bundle includes: Roly Poly Bowly, Fighter’s King, Castle Wreckers, Pearl Finder, Spin that Wheel, Monster Attack!, Go! Go! Go!, and Snakes and Ladders




Monster Attack is game that sees your students work together to defend their city from a giant monster OR help the monster destroy the city.  This classroom game features both a class mode and a versus mode for two teams.

Also included in the Mega Bundle 1.



Go Go Go is an interactive board game suitable for any topic and subject. Students compete to answer the teacher's questions. The fastest team can stop the dice and advance their token toward the goal. The first team to reach the finish line wins!

Also included in the Mega Bundle 1.



Fighter's King is an exciting and intense interactive game! Teams choose one of seven fun characters to represent them in the game. Once chosen, teams compete to be the first to answer your questions. Doing so will allow them to stop the dice and deal damage to the opposing team's hit points. The first team to reduce the other team's HP to zero, wins!

Also available in the Mega Bundle 1.



Spin That Wheel is an interactive classroom game inspired by famous game shows. Teams compete to earn the most money in three rounds. The third round consists of each team answering a final question to the best of their ability in order to earn a great score multiplier. Don't forget to cross your fingers for good luck when you SPIN THAT WHEEL!

Also available in the Mega Bundle 1



Volcano Escape is an ESL board game that tasks your students with escaping a dangerous island before its volcano erupts! The problem...there's room on the escape boat for only one team. The first team to reach the win space escapes the island and wins!


Also available in the Mega Bundle 2



Pirate Treasure Hunt tasks teams of students with hunting for buried treasure on a magical island.  They dig up buried treasure of all kinds and find magical events that can dramatically change the course of the game!  Magical events include a fairy that multiplies their gold or a pirate vacuum that sucks up gold

Also available in the Mega Bundle 2.



Engage your students with this spooky interactive whiteboard game, Grave Danger. Students click on graves to reveal a yummy treat or a nasty trick. Treats give points…tricks do not! This game also has built in odd occurrences that can be triggered in secret by the teacher to spook students.

Also available in the Mega Bundle 2.



In Zombie Swarm, students work together to fend off an army of marching zombies.  The zombies don't stop their approach so students must answer questions quickly or get eaten by the zombies!  To defeat a zombie the students must aim their power balls carefully and toss them at the zombies.

Also available in the Mega Bundle 2.


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Save $7 on eight games with the Mega Bundle 2.


This bundle includes: Grave Danger, UFO Carnage, Pew Pew Chicken Fight, Pirate Treasure Hunt, Petal Puller, Zombie Swarm, Volcano Escape, and Ninja Run.