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Christmas Spinner Wheel for the Interactive Whiteboard Download

Happy Everyday English Christmas Class Spinner Game

Christmas Spinner Game for Teachers

This is a Christmas themed spinner game that you can use to add some extra fun to your holiday lesson.  I created this spinner using Christmas colors and related pictures. 

This game includes two slightly different game wheels. 

1. Set Wheel: On the set wheel the point values are set ahead of time by the game and can't be changed.

2. Custom Wheel: For the custom wheel the point values are set by you.  You can edit the values of the wheel simply by editing an included text file called customvalues.txt.  Point values can be positive or negative. 

Download the game wheel on the right.  To find out how to play continue reading down below.  You can also check out the no prep Christmas lesson to go along with this spinner here.

Check out my other Christmas material here.


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Christmas Spinner 1.png
Christmas Spinner 3.png

How to Play Christmas Spinner ESL Game

In this game two to four teams of students compete to earn the most points by answering your questions and spinning the wheel.  Here's how to play:

1. On the title screen, choose how many teams will play and then click the start button and what    

    kind of wheel you will use.

2. Now you are on the game screen.  On the left you can see the points counters for your teams.  On  

   the right, you see the spinner.

3. Before you starting playing, choose how you will ask your questions.

  • Team by team: The student teams take turns answering your ESL questions.

  • Free for all: When you ask a question, any team can answer.  The team that answers first and correctly can spin the wheel

4. Now, let's play!  Ask a question using either of the techniques above.

5. Choose a representative from the team that answered to come and spin the wheel.  Let them tap it

    a few times to get it really spinning.

6. The spinner will stop on a point value.  Use the up arrow on the current team's point tracker to add

    that many points to their total and use the down arrow to deduct points.  The points added are in

    intervals of 10.  If you add to many, you can use the down arrow to subtract 10.

7. Play until you are ready to finish the game.  Here are a couple of ways you might want to finish this

   class game.

  • A team reaches a certain amount of points that you set ahead of time.  A good amount could be 150 to 200 points.  Let students know that the first team to get that many points wins.

  • The team that has the most points after X questions wins.  X could be 10, 15, or even 20 questions.

8. Make sure to award the winning team with some sort of prize or points as a prize for doing a great


How to Use Custom Point Values

Adding your own point values is super simple and requires editing a txt file.  Here's what you need to do:

  1. First, copy the game file and the txt file out of the zip you downloaded.

  2. Open the customvalues.txt file.

  3. You'll see 8 point values for the board.  Here's an example: &value1=50&

  4. To edit the point value, just edit the number between the = and the &.  Example: &value1=20&

  5. If you want to make the point value be negative, simply add a - to the number.  Example: &value1=-20&

  6. It's important that you don't change the other parts such as these in bold &value1=20&.  Just change the points value.  If the number you add is too large, it may not display properly.

  7. Also, do not change the name of the txt file.  The game is looking specifically for this txt file.  It will look in the same folder as the game file itself, so they must be together.

  8. When you are done editing the txt file, save and then close the file. 

  9. Open the game spinner and then click on the custom spinner option.  If done correctly, you should see your values on the wheel. 

pic 3.png
Christmas Spinner 2.png

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