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Download Mister Sneezer ESL Game Tool for English Class

Happy Everyday English Game: Mister Sneezer

Mister Sneezer Game for Kids and Teachers

This is a silly and fun class game that is also a little gross!  In this game, students answer your questions in order to pull one of Mister Sneezer's nose hairs.  One hair is special and if pulled, it will trigger a sneeze from the big nose!  The sneeze is massive and green goop will cover the entire screen. 
A trophy will also rocket out of him when he sneezes and get stuck to the screen.  The student or team that triggers this sneeze wins that round.  You can then play again.  The particular nose hair trigger is always random so you never know which one it will be.
You can use this game to practice any English content that you'd like and can even use your own pictures when playing.

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Spinner Game How to and Tips

Getting Started and Cool Features

The Mister Sneezer game is pretty easy to use, whether you're using an interactive whiteboard, just a projector, or even teaching online.  Here are some important things to keep in mind.

  1. How to Play: In this strange ESL game, you're completely in control.  When arriving at the game screen, you can simply ask a question, show a flashcard or use one of the three question prompts.  Once a question has been asked, allow the a student to come to the board and pull one of the nose hairs. 

  2. Show Numbers: You can toggle on the 'show numbers option' (located under the question prompt button on the top left).  If turned on, all of the nose hairs are labeled 1-10.  This can help students identify which nose hair they'd like to pull when playing online.

  3. Three Question Prompts: This interactive game includes three question prompts you can use if you'd like. 

    1. No prompt.  Just ask any question as you'd like. 

    2. Text prompt: Display prepared text questions and use those to ask.

    3. Picture prompt: Use prepared pictures to ask questions.

    4. Vocabulary word display: Display a set of prepared vocabulary words.  Students can read the words or you can ask them questions based on them.

  4. Play Again and Again:  This game can be played again and again using any questions you'd like from any topic without any prep required.  A great game to play on the fly.


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