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Snowman (Hangman) ESL Game Interactive Whiteboard Download

Happy Everyday English Snowman (Hangman) English Game

Snowman Game for Teachers

The Snowman Game is a re-imagining of the classic class game Hangman.  In this game, students try and guess your word before the snowman is fully built and melts (as opposed to a man being hanged). 

Students try to guess the word letter by letter.  Each letter that they guess correctly gets added to the word.  If they guess incorrectly, a part of the snowman is built.

This tool has a letter tracker to make it easier for you to play.

Below, I break down the steps for how to play Snowman (hangman).


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How to Play Snowman (Hangman)

This game is a classic for a reason.  It's easy to play and quite puzzling for students.  Your class needs to work together to guess your word.

1. Start the game by...well...starting the game.  Double click the application file to load it.

2. Think of a word that is between 3-9 letters.  Select that number on the screen.

3. Tell students what category the word belongs to: a thing, a place, etc.

4. Instruct students to guess a letter.

5. If the letter they choose appears in the word, write it in the correct space on that word.

6. If the word doesn't appear in the word, click the letter on the screen.  It will fade out and a part of the snowman will be added.

7. Continue these steps until students guess the word or they fail to do so.  If they fail, the snowman will get built...and then it will melt.

If you want to continue playing with a new word, click on reset and the game will be reset.


The student selector tool can help choose random students when doing any class activity...including these games!  Check them out and enjoy!


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