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Download Spinner Game Tool for English Class

Happy Everyday English Game Tool: Spinner

Spinner Game for Kids and Teachers

This is a spinner game for the interactive whiteboard for your ESL class or even online.  The game wheels can be easily customized to your liking and needs.  You can use this spinner to play many different speaking games with your students.  Below, you'll find all of the info you need to use this English class game.

This game doesn't need to be installed in order to use it and is compatible with windows software.  It's not a PPT spinner and is a standalone tool.

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Spinner Game How to and Tips

Getting Started

The game spinner has several different options you must choose from in order to get started.  Here are the different options:

  1. One Blank Spinner: In this option, one spinner will be displayed and its sections will be blank.  You can write your English keywords, objectives, or point value over the spinner when it's displayed on the whiteboard.  With this mode, it's easy to adjust sections on the board mid-game when you are playing.

  2. One Spinner with Text: This option will display text you prepare over the segments of the spinner.  You can prepare keywords, point values, or action segments on the different segments of the game spinner.

  3. Two Blank Spinners: This option displays two blank spinners.

  4. Two Spinners with Text:  This option displays two spinners with text.

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Spinner Games You Can Play in your English Class

1. All Points Spinner Game

How to play

  • Choose a single spinner.

  • Set the segments of the spinner to eight spaces.

  • Write different point values onto the different sections of the spinner.  I'd recommend point values of 10 or 100 so it's easier to count quick and in the moment.  If you want to do this ahead of time and use the spinner with text option, you can edit the included text file with the point values.

  • Divide your students into teams. 

  • Ask any question to the teams.

  • The team that answers correctly can come and spin the game wheel.

  • The team earns points equal to the space landed on.

  • Continue play for as long as you like.  The team with the most points in the end, wins!

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2. Touch Your ------ With Your ---------. (Body Parts Game)

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How to play

  • Select two spinners to play with.

  • Input various body parts into both spinners.

  • A student should spin both spinners.

  • All of your students should try and touch their first body part with the second body part.

    • Example: 'Touch your shoulder with your knee.'  'Touch your nose with your elbow.'

  • When selecting the body parts to choose, be cautious about the possible outcomes that might arise.  Some options might be easier than others.

  • This is a very fun game to play also during a show class with parents getting involved.  Pair students with their parents and they must touch the separate parts.  For the parents spinner side have parts such as nose, shoulder, head, ear.  This would make the parents have to kneel down when they play so it's even funnier.

3. Double Spinner Comparatives Game

In this game, students compare different values between the two spinners.

How to play

  • Choose the double spinner option.

  • Add different keywords to the that students know and will be able to compare.

  • To play, a student comes to the board and spins both spinners.  If you're playing online, simply spin yourself.

  • A student should compare the two things the spinners land on using comparative language.  Example: An elephant is heavier than a monkey.

  • If you'd like to play with teams, you can have teams alternate comparing the things until a team can't continue.  When that happens, that team is out for the round.  Continue until only one team remains.  That team gets a point.

  • Play as long as you like.

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4. Affirmative and Negatives

In this game, students talk about different topics using positive and negative sentences.

How to play

  • Choose the double spinner option.  Set one to have eight segments and the other to have two.

  • On one spinner, write different topics such as animals, colors, food, etc.

  • On the other spinner write YES and NO.

  • A student should come and spin both spinners.  (if you're online, you can spin them).

  • One spinner lands on a topic.  The other on YES or NO.  The student that spins should make a YES or NO statement about the topic.  "I like dogs." "I can swim." "I don't have an uncle." 

  • Alternately, you can line students up.  The student at the front of the line spins and speaks first.  Then he or she moves to the back of the line.  All students in the line should make a statement like above one by one in the line.  Students need to make different sentences.


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5. Stars and Bombs

spinner pics0004.png

How to play

  • You may have noticed the stars and bombs that you can drag onto the spinner.  For this game, you'll use those.

  • Select one blank spinner with 8 sides.

  • Drag different stars onto six parts of the spinner.  A big star is worth five points.  On some spaces you can have one, two, or three small stars (worth one point each).

  • On the other two segments, place bombs.

  • Divide students into teams.  Ask a question to the class and the team that answers spins the wheel.

  • They earn points equal to the number of stars they land on.

  • If a team lands on a bomb, they can do one of two things:

    • Lose X points.  X can be any number you wish.

    • Deduct X points from another team.  Again, X can be any number you wish.

  • Play continues this way until you decide to the end the game.

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