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Happy Everyday English lessons center on topics that young students can relate to such as animals, clothes, colors, verbs, and a whole lot more.  Each lesson is a lightweight, self contained software file that has original artwork and a lesson presentation.  They also contain more than twenty built-in games and practice activities. 

These lessons are not Powerpoint or Smart Notebook lessons.  Each lesson is a piece of software developed by me from the ground up.  Because of this, I have a lot more freedom to develop the content and thus, you have a lot more freedom and options when using them in class.

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Easily Introduce New Content

Each lessons include two activities to introduce new content to your students.

New Word Introduction Use the new word introduction to guide your students to discover the lesson's new words.  Students are given agency during this activity and can learn the new words in any order.  Use the new word introduction to pre-teach vocabulary before moving on to the lesson's presentation.

Presentation: Each lesson allows students to practice the new vocabulary in an easy-to-follow presentation.

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Tons of Activities and Games Built-in!

Built-in activities and games allow students to practice the lesson's content in a variety of ways.  Students can practice spelling, word matching, vocabulary, and language production as you wish. 

The teacher is in complete control of the lesson and can choose what activities and games to use and when to use them.  With all of the included games and activities, there is enough content in each lesson that you can use them for 2-3 classes if needed.

The order pictures and text appear in games is randomized and games can be played over and over again.

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Free Lesson Software

  The IWB lessons made by Happy Everyday English are filled to the brim with content. Each theme  centers on a specific theme such as animals, colors, or family. The lessons contain a presentation to introduce vocabulary in context, several practice activities and over a dozen games to get your students talking. Enough content is included in each theme to allow you the option of teaching it over multiple lessons.  This software is perfect for the smart classroom or online teaching. The content of the themes even connect and have optional ways to practice previously learned material. You can also download flashcards for each theme as well.

Need to know how to play a certain game or activity?  Or need a sample lesson plan?

Check out the tutorial page here. It's a detailed guide to the Happy Everyday English Lessons.

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Theme 1: Animals 1


Sentences: What is it? | It’s a turtle. | Is it a turtle? | Yes/No. | I like turtles.


Keywords: dog, cat, fish, bird, panda, rabbit, pig, turtle

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Theme 2: Colors


Sentences: It’s blue. It’s a blue fish. What color is it? I like blue. Is it blue?


Keywords: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, purple, pink

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Theme 3: Family


Sentences: This is my mom. I’m a/the brother. I love my family. Brother likes dogs. Brother has blue hair.


Keywords: family, mom, dad, brother, sister, baby, grandpa, grandma

Lessons Thumbnail Art0004.png

Theme 4: Fruit


Sentences: I like to eat apples. I eat apples. He likes bananas. He eats bananas. Bananas are yellow. I see five bananas. Panda/Grandpa likes bananas. Panda/Grandpa doesn’t like pears.


Keywords: apple, banana, pear, orange, strawberry, lemon, melon, peach

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Theme 5: Parts of the Face


Sentences: I have a nose. I have two eyes. It has a big nose. It has long ears. I have blue eyes. She has green eyes.


Keywords: face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, hair

Lessons Thumbnail Art0007.png

Theme 6: Verbs


Sentences: I can eat.  I can drink.  She/He/It drinks.  I see with my eyes.

Keywords: talk, see, listen, bite, smell, lick, eat, drink

Lessons Thumbnail Art00085.png

Theme 7: Feelings


Sentences: I'm happy.  I am happy.  He is sad.  She is happy.  It is excited.


Keywords: talk, see, listen, bite, smell, lick, eat, drink

Lessons Thumbnail Art0008.png

Theme 8: Clothes


Sentences: He is wearing a shirt.  I am wearing a skirt.  She is wearing a dress.  It's a shirt.  It's a blue shirt.

Keywords: shirt, shorts, pants, skirt, dress, socks, hat, jacket

Lessons Thumbnail Art0009.png

Theme 9: Weather


Sentences: It is a sunny day.  It is is sunny.  I like sunny days.  Yes, I do.  No, I don't.

Keywords: sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, stormy, snowy, hot, cold

Does your school need more content?

If you or your school needs extra content similar to the above lessons, I can work with you to make a full curriculum or create supplementary lessons, games, and activities based on your material.

Check out this page here for more information.