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Download Whack A Mole ESL Game Tool for English Class

Happy Everyday English Game: Whack a Mole

Whack a Mole Game for Kids and Teachers

The classic arcade game staple now comes to the ESL class with Whack a Mole!  In this game, your students answer your questions to get the chance to whack moles and earn points.  This game features several game modes and allows you to play on interactive whiteboards AND even online using the memory variation of the game.  Check below for more information.

This game was also made in cooperation with Muxi from the Youtube channel English Teaching Games/Muxi ESL World.  He's got loads of ESL game ideas featured on his channel that your students will enjoy.  Here's a link to his channel.


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Whack a Mole Game How to and Tips

Getting Started and Cool Features

Whack a Mole is a pretty robust game with quite a few different game modes.  I'll break down the game modes below, how to play, and a few misc. features.

  1. Free play: In free play mode you can play this game freely with your students.  Simply ask them a question and then let a student play.  There are no teams or specific goals when playing free play.  Whack as many moles before the time runs out.

  2. Class Mode: Your students work together to earn a set amount of points before the game ends in class mode.  Ask a question and allow a student to come to the class to play.  The points from each round adds up at the end of the game and if they have more points than the target amount they win.

  3. Versus Mode: 2-4 teams go head to head in versus mode.  The teams compete to answer questions and whack moles.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

  4. Memory:  In this mode students need to watch as moles pop up in a specific order.  Then the students need to whack the moles in that same order.  They need to do this 10 times to win the game.  If they fail three times, they lose.  This mode can be used easily when playing online or in a classroom without an interactive board.

Misc. Features

  • You can adjust the number of rounds and teams along with various other options.

  • Time per round: Adjust this to set the amount of time that students have to whack the moles each round.

  • Choose the 'mole': There are three kinds of moles that you can use in this game.  The first is the cartoon mole.  The second is the Muxi mole.  It features Muxi with various funny expressions.  The third is a headshot of your own.  The download file includes instructions on how to use this mode.

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