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Student Selector Randomizer Tool Download for ESL Class

Happy Everyday English Student Selector Randomizer

Student Selector Randomizer for Teachers

This is a student name tool that can help you pick random names from your class and select them with ease.  You can download this software by clicking the download button to the right. 

This software can be used in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard or even when teaching an online class with many students.  This name selector tool doesn't need to be installed to use!  It's its own app and doesn't need powerpoint or smart notebook to use.

Editing the names in the software couldn't be easier!  Check out how to do that below.



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How to Use the Random Name Selector with Students in Your Class

Once you get the hang of this software, it couldn't be easier to use!  Let's take a look.

Adding Names to the Name Selector

  1. First thing's first, download the Name Selector to your computer.

  2. Open the downloaded zip.

  3. Copy the files to a new folder on your computer or USB drive.

  4. You will see the actual software application file and a namelist.txt file.

  5. Open the namelist.txt.

  6. Enter the number for how many students are in your class.

  7. Edit the names.

  8. Save.

  9. Open the name selector software file. 

  10. Once opened, the name selector tool sees the namelist.txt file and automatically uses that when you run the software.

  11. And that's it!

Extra Notes

  • Don't change the name for the namelist.txt file.

  • Keep the namelist.txt and the application file together in the same folder.  If they aren't in the same folder, the application file will NOT be able to see the txt file.

  • If you have multiple classes, keep separate folders that contain their own namelist.txt and software application files.

The student selector tool can help choose random students when doing any class activity...including these games!  Check them out and enjoy!


Zombies continuously march upon the class in Zombie Swarm.  They don't stop until your students win!


In Castle Wreckers 2 teams of students fire cannons to destroy castles.  Also includes a full class mode.


Students help a roly poly bug bounce around and collect fruit in a 2-4 team game or a full class mode.  Fun game made specially for interactive whiteboards.

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