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No Prep ESL Reading Game: Dragon Egg Hatchers

ESL Game

Dragon Egg Hatchers



Age Range

Primary school and up


Windows computers

Game Modes

Team Versus

2-4 teams compete to get the most points before the game is over.

Dragon Egg Hatchers

$3.99 | 30 RMB

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About this Game

Dragon Egg Hatchers is an ESL game that you can use to practice reading phonics, sight words and English vocabulary words.  Students can read a target word and then crack the dragon egg to hatch it.  Ten vocabulary words are displayed at once and you can use up to 100 words in a single game.  Doing so will reveal a certain amount of points.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! 

How to Play Dragon Egg Hatchers

  • Start by copying the game files out of the downloaded zip and into a new folder.

  • Before you play, input the vocabulary words by editing the included text file.  Save the file when you are finished.

  • Open the game and choose how many teams will play.  You can have two to four teams play.

  • Play the game by having a student from a team choose an egg to open.  First they must read the word under the egg.  You can also ask them to make a sentence with that word as well if you so desire. 

  • Alternatively, you can have a representative of each team come to the front of the class.  You point to a word and the first student to read it correctly can crack open the egg.

  • The egg will hatch and a dragon will emerge.  It will be carrying a certain amount of points.  Add that point value to the current team's points.

  • When you finish all of the words on the current screen, you can press the next arrow button to cycle to the next word list. 

  • Do this until a team reaches a certain amount of points, time is up, or you have read all of the words that you prepared.  The team with the most points at this time wins!

Game Modes Available in Dragon Egg Hatchers

Team Mode: 2-4 teams of students compete to read vocabulary words and collect the most points.  The one that has the most points by the end of the game wins!

System Requirements

The English lesson games available from Happy Everyday English can only be played on Windows computers.

  • No installation necessary.

  • No internet connection needed to play.

Cool Features

Customizable Options to Fit the Game to Your Class

  • Prepare up to 100 words:  You can easily prepare up to 100 words to be used during play simply by editing the included text document.

  • 2-4 Teams of Students:   Select how many teams will play in the current game.

  • Win condition: You can select the win condition for the game.  This can be whether the game ends if a team earns a certain amount of points OR you can choose to end the game whenever you want by pressing the 'finish' button.

  • No dragon mode on/off: By default every egg will contain a dragon.  If the no dragon mode is enabled, then there's a chance that some eggs will be a dud.  In this case, no points are awarded.  You can turn this option on in the game menu when you start the game.


Built with Interactive Whiteboards in Mind: This game is fully playable with interactive whiteboards and responds great to touch on the board.  You can also play it in a classroom with just a projector or in an online classroom setting.


Randomized Dragons: The adorable dragons are completely randomized when the egg is cracked open.  No two games will ever be the same.

Freely adjust any team's points: At any point during the game you can adjust a team's point value by adding or subtracting points.  Do this at your discretion.  Add points when they earn them by cracking on a dragon egg.  You can use the subtract point option as a deterrent for naughty behavior.


Dragon Egg Hatchers

$3.99 | 30 RMB

Purchase this game

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wechat ID: chokosaki

Alipay/Wechat Pay

Credit Card or Paypal

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