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Platforms: Windows | Mac (must install flash to work)


Description: Oh no! Captain Chicken has crashed on an alien planet and is in big trouble! Your students will work together to find the missing parts by blasting away evil aliens.


Includes: software and instructions files

  • Playable with a whole class.

  • Includes a story presentation to help you frame the game.

  • Easy to use! Follow the on screen prompts to play.

  • Any subject or topic: Use your own questions when prompted to review and practice any content.

  • (Optional) Insert your own questions into the game by editing the included text file.

  • Customize the number of the number of points needed to earn a ship part.

  • Customize the number of ship parts needed to win.

  • The game is animated.


Question prompts: There are four question prompts that you can use when playing this game.  You can change between these at will.  The game download includes directions on how to prepare prompts 2-4.


  1. No prompt: Simply ask a question to your students without a prompt in the game.  Ask any question you like.  Using this mode takes no preperation before starting the game.
  2. Text Question Prompt: Prepare text questions and answers in advance using the included text document file.  This prompt will display your prepared questions when playing.
  3. Picture Prompt: This prompt displays pictures that you've prepared in advance.
  4. Keyword Prompt:  This prompt displays a set of keywords that you've prepared in advance.

Pew Pew Chicken Fight

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