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About this Game

Roly Poly Bowly is a fast paced, frenetic game that tasks your students with helping a roly poly (a pillbug) with gathering fruit.  They do so by helping him bounce.  They tap the screen to help him bounce higher.  If they make him bounce too high...he disappears!  Be careful.


How to Play Roly Poly Bowly

  • Ask a question to the class or a team.

  • The student/team that answers the question selects the level by stopping the spinner.

  • The student helps the roly poly bounce by tapping the screen.  This student has 10-20 seconds to collect as many points as possible.

  • The game continues until the last round has been finished.  At that point, the results will be displayed.


Game Modes Available in Roly Poly Bowly

Class Mode: The whole class works together to get a certain amount of fruit/points before the game ends.  If they can reach that number...the whole class wins!

Team Mode: 2-4 teams compete to collect the most points before the game ends.  The team that has the most points by the end of the game wins!

Free Play: Freely select any level from the game and play.  The game keeps track of high scores when playing in Free Play so students can compete for high scores (but it's completely optional).


System Requirements

The games available from Happy Everyday English can only be played on Windows computers.

No installation necessary.

No internet connection needed to play.


Cool Features

Customizable Options to Fit the Game to Your Class

  • Points Required to Win:  You can set a smaller number to make the game easier or make it higher for a more difficult game.

  • Number of Rounds:   You can change the length of the game by setting a number of rounds.  The points required to win adjust accordingly.

  • Seconds Per Round:  You can set the seconds of a round to 10 or 20.  This is how long the action segments of the game last (when the ball is bouncing and the students are collecting fruit).  Setting it to 20 seconds will make the game quite a bit easier.

  • Respawn Coins/Fruits:  If you turn this option on, coins will respawn if most of them have been collected.


Randomized Levels: When playing in Versus or Class modes, each round has a randomized level that is selected by stopping a big wheel.  Levels are large pictures made of the small yellow fruit pieces.  There are 12 levels in total.  Some example levels: elephant, car, house, rectangle. 


Students Can't Just Repeatedly Tap the Screen: This game teaches a bit of restraint because if a student just repeatedly taps the screen to help the roly poly bounce, it may bounce too high and not return for that round. 


Make It Rain!  If a student collects a lot of points in one round, it might rain fruit!  This is quite exciting and that student can earn many extra points.


Question Prompts: There are four question prompts that you can use when playing this game.  You can change between these at will.  The game download includes directions on how to prepare prompts 2-4.

  • No prompt: Simply ask a question to your students without a prompt in the game.  Ask any question you like.  Using this mode takes no preperation before starting the game.

  • Text Question Prompt: Prepare text questions and answers in advance using the included text document file.  This prompt will display your prepared questions when playing.

  • Picture Prompt: This prompt displays pictures that you've prepared in advance.

  • Keyword PromptThis prompt displays a set of keywords that you've prepared in advance.

Roly Poly Bowly

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