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About this ESL Class Game

Castle Wreckers is an exciting game that helps your students practice vocabulary and any target language you want them to use.  Students answer questions or identify pictures and make sentences and then they fire a cannon to destroy a castle!  This game is playable as a full class or using two teams.


How to Play Castle Wreckers

  • Ask a question to a team or to all of the teams.

  • The team that answers the question will fire the cannon.

  • The cannon aims on its own and students must touch the screen to stop it and fire.  If they stop it at just the right time they will hit the castle.  If they aren't careful...they will miss!

  • Repeat the process until a team wrecks the opposing castle or the whole class destroys the dark castle.  When that happens, a team or the class wins!


Game Modes Available in This Class Game

  • Team Versus Mode: Two teams go head to head in order to destroy the other team's castle.  The team that wrecks the other castle first wins!


  • Class Mode: In this mode, the class works together in order to destroy a dark castle that is corrupting the kingdom.  They must aim carefuly when firing as they are only allowed a few shots to miss before the castle wins.  Good luck, brave students!


System Requirements

  • The games available from Happy Everyday English can only be played on Windows computers.
  • No installation necessary.
  • No internet connection needed to play.


Cool Features

Difficulty Options: This game has three difficulty options.

  • Normal: The cannon moves at a normal speed.  This mode is recommended for primary school students.

  • Easy: The cannon aims slowly and it is easier for students to hit the castle.  This mode is recommended for younger students.

  • Hard: The cannon aims very fast in this mode and is quite difficult.  This mode is recommended for older players that have gotten good at the game's normal difficulty.


Castle Destruction: The teacher is in control in this game and can also destroy parts of the castle at any moment.  This should only be done to deter naughty behavior when playing.


Firing the Cannon: In this game, the cannon is fully animated and moves.  It reacts to the students when they touch the screen when prompted.  It then fires a cannonball that will hit a part of the castle and destroy that part.  None of these actions are scripted and the outcome is always determined by the students playing.


Question Prompts: There are four question prompts that you can use when playing this game.  You can change between these at will.  The game download includes directions on how to prepare prompts 2-4.

  • No prompt: Simply ask a question to your students without a prompt in the game.  Ask any question you like.  Using this mode takes no preperation before starting the game.

  • Text Question Prompt: Prepare text questions and answers in advance using the included text document file.  This prompt will display your prepared questions when playing.

  • Picture Prompt: This prompt displays pictures that you've prepared in advance.

  • Keyword PromptThis prompt displays a set of keywords that you've prepared in advance.

Castle Wreckers

    • Easy to use! Follow the on screen prompts to play.

    • Any subject or topic: Use your own questions when prompted to review and practice any content.

    • (Optional) Add questions, keywords, and pictures into the game. Instructions are included on how to do this.

    • The game is animated. Students fire cannonballs at castles that break apart.

    • Built-in classroom management tools. (Freely destroy parts of a naughty team’s any time).

    • Use in the classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard or Projector.

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