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Platforms: Windows | Mac (must install flash to work)


Description: Input your own vocabulary words and then use them to play up to 18 different games! You can use your own words from any topic or subject. Practice 8 different words at a time


Includes: software and instructions files

  • Games included: Listen and Touch, Listen and Sort, What’s Missing, Blast Off, Remember It, Reverse Charades, Bit By Bit, Slow Reveal, Quick Flash, Find It, Pictionary, Time Bomb, Tic Tac Toe, Jewel Catcher, Board Game, Race to Touch, Hot Seat, Spy Glass.

  • Some games are playable with teams, as a class, or both!

  • Easy to use! Includes built-in instructions for each game as well as tips for added variety.

  • Has a built-in pencil tool.

  • Includes five different cheers that you can activate at any time to cheer on students/teams.

  • Has built-in sounds that can be muted/unmuted as you wish.

  • Update your eight words at any time, even mid-game!

  • Includes 50 different preset words lists with topics ranging from food to animals to space.

  • Use in the classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard, projector, or online.

Word Games

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