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No Prep Christmas Lesson Guide

Happy Holidays everyone! I've been hard at work developing a stocking full of Christmas goodies for your ESL classes. Here's you'll find a Christmas lesson centered around Santa Claus, a Christmas themed spinner, a timer, and a brand new class game.

First up tho, I'd like to give a special shout out for my new patrons over on Patreon.

Thanks Nat and Marco Carrer! I greatly appreciate your support!

Christmas Lesson - free

This lesson centers around Santa Claus and related vocabulary. The presentation lesson is based on him and tells students about him. This lesson has more than 20 games and activities built in.

Gift Showdown - Class Game - $3.99

Gift Showdown is my 20th full game! Excitement!

This game has two modes - one built for team versus and one for full class cooperation. Students answer questions in order to open gifts and earn points.

In versus mode, the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

In class mode, the students need to reach a certain amount of points by the end of the game to win.

This game costs $3.99 or about as much as a cup of coffee. If you enjoy the content on this site, consider getting me a cup of coffee ^_^;; I love that stuff!

Christmas Spinner - free

This is a Christmas themed spinner game wheel that you can use with your classroom's interactive whiteboard or when teaching online. There are two modes with this spinner. In the first mode, the point values are set by the game. In the second mode, you can set the point values on the spinner yourself and play however you like.

Christmas Timer - free

The Christmas timer is exactly that - a Christmas themed digital timer. This timer can be easily adjusted and can both count down or up. When the timer counts down to completion a bell will ring twice, alerting students that the time is up.

And there you have the Christmas material from Happy Everyday English. Loads of fun content that is sure to bring smiles to your students. If you've made it this far and enjoy the content that I develop, you can subscribe to the site to receive notifications when I release new content. Annnnnd if you're feeling particularly generous, you can share this site with your coworkers and friends.

Happy holidays everyone and have a happy new year!


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