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ESL Spelling Game Fun with Worgle!

Worgle is a fun and competitive spelling game that you can play with your whole class. In this game, your students are given a set of letters and must write as many words as they can before the timer runs out.

You can get this game here: Worgle ESL Spelling Game.

You can find the rules below, in the game, or on the download page.

Do you have an idea for a spelling game that I could make? Let me know in the comments below!


~creator of Happy Everyday English

How to Play Worgle:

1. Divide your students into teams. Each team needs a paper and pencil to write with. If you have small dry erase boards for your teams, those work great too!

2. Set the timer for how long you will play this round. The default time is 2 minutes, but you could also have a shorter time (1 minute) or a longer time (3 minutes). You can set the timer for 4 or 5 minutes as well but I think that might be a bit too long for this game.

3. When students are ready, roll the dice.

4. Press start at the top of the screen to start the timer.

5. Now students need to use the letters shown on the dice to write as many words as they can think of before the time runs out.

6. The team that writes the most correct words before the time runs out wins.

7. You can replay the game by pressing the reset buttons.

That's the basic rules of Worgle. It's a simple spelling game that you can play without any prep. It's a great tool that you can have at the ready for any part of class that you have an extra few minutes.

Here are a few more tips for this class game.

Tip 1: In my classes, I love playing writing games with dry erase boards. There are a lot of games that can be played with them and they can be cleaned and reused easily.

Tip 2: To make sure that all students are participating, have a different student write each round.

Tip 3: On the other hand, you can create a lot of fun chaos if you have students alternate writing each word.

Tip 4: You can touch an individual letter dice to roll it (changing that letter).

Tip 5: You can even use this to play Boggle with your class. Boggle is a bit difficult but great for older students. You can find out how to play Boggle here.

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