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Download Bubble Pop ESL Game  for English Class

Happy Everyday English Game: Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop Game for Kids and Teachers

Bubble Pop is an easy to play interactive whiteboard ESL game that you can use in the classroom or in an online lesson.  This game tasks students with answering your questions in order to pop bubbles.  When a bubble is popped their team reveals a random amount of stars, ranging from 1-5.  The team then earns that many points.  The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the game wins!

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Bubble Pop Game How to and Tips

Getting Started and Cool Features

Bubble Pop is a pretty simple and fun game several options that can help you customize the game to fit your needs.  Here are the options below:

  1. Team VS: 2-4 teams can compete to earn the most points by the end of the game.  They do this by popping bubbles and collecting stars.  Play as long as you like and press the finish button to end the game.

  2. Free Play: In Free Play mode there are no teams.  Students can freely pop bubbles.  This mode is useful for very large classes with more teams than the game tracks.  Keep track of points outside the game.

  3. Question Prompts: The game includes four different prompts for asking questions.

    1. No Prompt: Freely ask questions as you play.

    2. Question Prompt: Display a question on screen and use it to ask the question.

    3. Picture prompt: Use your own pictures to ask questions.

    4. Keyword prompt: Display a set of keywords and use them however you like to ask questions or have students read keywords.


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