Interactive ESL Game: Zombie Swarm

ESL Game

Zombie Swarm



Age Range

Primary School and up


Windows computers

Game Modes

Class Mode

The class works together to answer questions in order to defeat the evil wizard's army of zombies

About this Game

In Zombie Swarm, students work together to fend off an army of marching zombies.  The zombies don't stop their approach so students must answer questions quickly or get eaten by the zombies!  To defeat a zombie the students must aim their power balls carefully and toss them at the zombies.

Try before you buy.

Download the free demo for this game as well as
other games from Happy Everyday English here.
Demos are timed and end after a few minutes, but
otherwise they are the same as the full game.

How to Play Zombie Swarm

  • After starting the game, the zombies march towards to the students.

  • Ask a question to the class.

  • Allow the student that answers or another student to throw the ball at the zombies.

  • If hit, the zombie will be destroyed and another one will rise from the grave.

  • Gameplay continues until a certain number of zombies are destroyed OR until a certain number of zombies successfully attack the students.

Game Modes Available in Zombie Swarm

Class Mode:

System Requirements

The games available from Happy Everyday English can only be played on Windows computers.

No installation necessary.

No internet connection needed to play.

Cool Features

Randomized and animated gameplay

Play as a boy or a girl: Touch the profile picture at the bottom of the screen and the character will change to either the boy or the girl.  Students can change freely when it's their turn.

Built in sound that can be turned on or off

Several difficulty and game modifiers that can be adjusted to fit the needs of your class.

More than 10 different zombies and monsters

Halloween Jokes Stand Up: Touch the moon and the class will be taken to a stage!  On the stage is the evil wizard and...well...he's telling jokes!  Plenty of bad Halloween and spooky jokes.

Question Prompts: There are four question prompts that you can use when playing this game.  You can change between these at will.  The game download includes directions on how to prepare prompts 2-4.


  • No prompt: Simply ask a question to your students without a prompt in the game.  Ask any question you like.  Using this mode takes no preperation before starting the game.

  • Text Question Prompt: Prepare text questions and answers in advance using the included text document file.  This prompt will display your prepared questions when playing.

  • Picture Prompt: This prompt displays pictures that you've prepared in advance.

  • Keyword Prompt:  This prompt displays a set of keywords that you've prepared in advance.

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