The  ESL Arcade

The ESL Arcade is a set of games exclusive to my Patreon supporters.  These games don't need to be downloaded or installed, and can be played directly from your browser.  They can even be played on a Mac!

These games are dynamic and some even boast a physics

engine!  You can find a brief look at the games available

below.  You can get instant access to the ESL arcade by

joining my Patreon at the Teacher level. 


Not only do you gain access to these games but you also

unlock extra EX lessons, gain early access to whatever I

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The  ESL Arcade Games

Picture Games

Picture Games is actually a set of
games that you can play using 4-8
pictures that you upload into the game!  There are more than 10 games and activities in this set.  The games in this are similar to the ones seen in my lesson software.  More will be added over time to this set.


Flappy Batty

Students need to help Flappy Batty flap his wings and dodge stalactites and stalagmites. To gain points Flappy Batty needs to collect fireflies. The more fireflies he collects, the faster he flies. Students can tap anywhere on the screen to make Flappy Batty flap his wings.


Color Collect

In Color Collect, the Blob Machine randomly creates different colored blobs. Students/teams can choose a color each round and collect as many points as there are blobs of that color. Those blobs disappear and then the machine creates more blobs. The team with the most points in the end wins!


Block Breakers

Teams/Students compete to destroy as many blocks as possible. On their turn, they fire a ball into a wall of blocks. They earn points based on how many blocks they destroy. They should aim the ball carefully to destroy the most blocks. This game has numerous settings to allow you to customize how this game plays, making it easier or harder for your students.


Stack Em Up

Students work together to stack blocks on top of one another in order to make a tower that can reach the top of the screen so that they can win. But they need to be careful and not make the tower collapse. If too many blocks fall the class loses.

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