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Unit 4: Parts of the face is now ready to download!

Richard Griffith

Hey there!

Unit 4: Parts of the Face is now ready to download!

Students will learn many different parts of the face in this unit.

Along with the usual games and practice activities, there are also several unique activities featured in this unit.

  1. Make a Face: Students can build funny faces by choosing from many different eyes, noses, and mouths. Craft some funny and unique faces together!

  2. Clown Coloring. In this activity, students will color the different parts of a clown’s face. They can either color the clown based on what the teacher tells them or they can color it based on their liking and then talk about it.

  3. Remember the face: Students are shown a funny face and they must remember the details and then remake that face.

  4. Who Am I? Students are shown three randomly colored clown faces. The teacher must secretly choose a clown and then describe it slowly. Students should then identify which clown the teacher is describing.

  5. Circle the Nose: Start by choosing a family member or animal that’s already been featured in units 1 and 3. Then, name a part of the face (if applicable) and the students should color it. You can also task your students with finding the correct picture and circling it with a specific color.

You may download the unit 4 content here.

Now, I have my eyes set on Unit 5: Verbs! This will be coming out May 6th. If you’d like to get an update for when unit 5 is released, you can follow me on Twitter @GriffyHEE.

Wellllll, that’s all for today! Thanks for your support everyone. Bye bye!

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