Happy Everyday English

Download a free, timed demo of Castle Wreckers now!

Richard Griffith

Welcome! I’m pleased to share with you a link to a timed demo of the Happy Everyday English game, Castle Wreckers.

Get ready!

This is a game that has two teams in your class, represented by the adorable cat and dog knights, as they answer your questions for the opportunity to destroy the other team’s castle. Reduce the opposing team’s castle to rubble for victory.

Click here to download.

Note that, after a short period of time in use, the screen will fade and the game will no longer be playable. I hope that this short demo can give everyone a clearer idea of what to expect from my content.

If you are curious about how to play Castle Wreckers you can check out my tutorial video on Youtube by clicking this link.

If you have questions, comments, or just want more info, please post below.

Thanks everybody! Have a happy everday! Bye-bye!

~Griffy @GriffyHEE